True Life Christian Worship Center/North Shore Assembly of God

Steeped in history, the church in various forms has been located in Oyster Bay for over 300 years, and has changed denominations several times over the years.

Originally a Baptist Church and organized in 1700 in Oyster Bay. The Baptist Church at Oyster Bay was the first Baptist church anywhere in New York. In 1724 a church building was erected, but no trace of image remains of it. A new building was built in 1807 and remains on the church grounds today.

In 1908, the 1807 Baptist church building was moved farther back on the church lot and a new sanctuary was erected. Rev. Charles Wightman who pastored the church for many years engineered the building project.

The Baptist church changed to Independent Pentecostal in 1939, and then in the late 1980s became Assemblies of God. Long Island Bible Institute was organization on this same property.

The church became known as North Shore Assembly of God in 1983 and remained so until 2021 when the current Pastors Ray and Diane Melograne along with the church Board of Directors changed the name to True Life Christian Worship Center

We want to reflect what you experience when you come to our church. We want to have people experience Jesus through a personal relationship, and we want them to encounter God's word through intense Bible studies. We're finding that many, many people, even of the Christian faith, don't have a firm foundation in the word of God. So that's what we give them here.

Pastors Ray and Diane have been pastors at North Shore Assembly of God going on 16 years now. Ray is a retired electrical engineer and Diane a retired schoolteacher, and while both of them were always religious, their faith was solidified to an untold degree after experiencing a genuine miracle with their daughter many years ago.

In the early 1980s, their daughter had a miracle healing and that really strengthened their faith. They started attending Bible courses towards this calling, and that's how the ministry side of our lives developed.

Pastors Ray and Diane share a strong faith, compassion, and dedication to bring an element of stability and community to the church.

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Portions of our history taken from Images of America Oyster Bay by John E. Hammond